Dr. Bradley Simmons

Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2013)



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Dr. Marin Litoiu

Recent Activity 
  • (Oct 7, 2014)    Our paper:   Toward a Solution for the Cloud Account Delegation Problem
  • Our chapter about the Cross-Cloud Application Management Platform (XCAMP) :  Performance Management and Monitoring
    • Shtern, M., Simmons, B., Smit, M. Lu, H. and Litoiu, M. 
      • Has been accepted to appear in the Book: Cloud Service, Network and Management 
  • Working on extensions to our 2013 IEEE Cloud paper - The DaaSPatcher Ecosystem. 
From 2010-2013 I was a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Marin Litoiu's research group at York University in Toronto, Canada. Previously, I studied with Professor Hanan Lutfiyya at The University of Western Ontario (UWO) in London, Canada as a member of the Distributed and Grid Systems (DiGS) research group where I received my PhD in Computer Science. I also hold a MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Biology with a Diploma in Honors Standing in Genetics from UWO as well.

Research Interests
My research focuses on the management of distributed systems with an emphasis on policy-based approaches (e.g., 1,2,3,4) and extending and refining my doctoral work on strategy-trees (e.g., 5,6,7,8,9,10). At a high level, my current work involves developing a cloud management framework (e.g., 11,12,13,14,15,16) that automates the deployment of applications to public/private and hybrid clouds, mitigates security concerns while facilitating the dynamic management (e.g., 17,18) of the application’s elasticity policy and configuration in alignment with the deployer’s set of business objectives.

A Web Service for Cloud Metadata

Ph.D. Thesis 

M.Sc. Thesis 

  • Simmons, B. (2003) "Application Feedback Driven Network Management". Master's Thesis. The University of Western Ontario. Department of Computer Science. 10 June, 2004. London, Ontario, Canada