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Intelligent Computing with Fuseforward Solutions Group

The project involves developing a generic, multitenant, cloud-based platform for monitoring, analyzing, and managing third-party systems. The system provides an abstraction of isolated monitoring platform, analytics platform, and management platform for third-party systems.

Monitoring Subsystem
The monitoring subsystem pulls data from all metric sources, normalizes them and stores them in a data store. For each category of the applications, users should be able to add a monitoring metric to the set of metrics stored in the monitoring database. The monitoring system should provide user with a mechanism to specify the logic of pulling the metrics from the sources.  There should be no need to modify the monitoring database since it’s designed to be generic and valid for all types of metrics.

Analytics/Storage Subsystem
The analyzer subsystem works with non-normalized tabular data, where each table contains information for performing a specific analysis. Multi-tenancy and privacy are major concerns here. One of the main goals of analytics subsystem is to give flexibility to the users so they can use external tools to access the data. The system should provide support for standard data access interfaces and common relational and multi-dimensional data connectivity protocols such as ODBC, JDBC, and ODB to allow third party visualization clients to access data.